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Developing the optimal strategy based on smart decisions to deliver success when entering into a new market

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Assisting companies with corporate finance strategy, acquisitions and fundraising in Asia

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A strategic low risk and low cost path to entering the Asian market

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Myanmar Mining Risk Map

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Among other industries, Myanmar’s rich – but largely unexplored – mineral wealth has put mining near the forefront of the discussion on new foreign investment opportunities. The country is home to potentially large reserves of...

Public Sector Clients

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Promoting Washington in China

Promoting Washington in China

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Background: Tractus was selected to represent the Washington State Department of Commerce in 2008 and has assisted the state promote trade and investment from its offices in Asia. The department works with a number of...
Business Incubator: Nova Tech growth and expansion in China

Business Incubator: Nova Tech growth and expansion in China

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Introduction: The client is a leading agricultural technology company based in the United States. Its main products are machines that automate beak treatments, de-clawing, vaccination and head counting in bird hatcheries. The firm’s business model...