The Tractus team has demonstrated a superior knowledge of the Asian market and an understanding of the nuances of doing business from one country to the next. The detail they put into the analysis of their clients business and the development of the right Asian market entry strategy is unprecedented in my experiences. We have found them to be a great partner in helping our members to think through and implement a strategy to expand their business into the rapidly growing Asian market.

Dale Wahlstrom, President and CEO
—LifeScience Alley and The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota

Tractus Asia provides tailored solutions in the areas of fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures, pre-IPO preparation and planning, corporate governance and liability restructuring.

The most important element of our assignment is understanding our client objectives, both financial and non-financial. In fact, the entire process begins with learning about our client and their business. Whether working for the buyer or the seller, our motto is “always begin with the end in mind”. We assist our clients by focusing on their operational, financial, and/or personal objectives. Closing the deal is not our sole objective. By being flexible, and developing and executing a strategy that will be deemed a success by both parties, we maximize the return to our client.

On the “sell side”, objectives can include raising growth capital, the disposition of non-strategic assets, or a suitable exit for shareholders. Tractus can assist clients to identify suitable investors or strategic buyers and execute a deal that maximizes our client’s interest.

Similarly, on the “buy side” where a client may be looking for a partnership or complete acquisition, we identify potential targets and approach them confidentially to gauge their interest and determine a suitable mode of acquisition. Such modes can include forming an alliance, a joint venture, or executing a buyout.

Core Areas of Expertise

  • Private Placements & Fundraising

    Securing funding can pose significant challenges for growing businesses. Each funding mandate is tailored to our client’s needs and requirements to obtain the best possible deal

  • Corporate / Deal Structuring

    Strategy-backed advisory services for companies seeking to mitigate tax liabilities and minimize risk through varied corporate structure strategies

  • Financial Modeling, Analysis, Planning & Valuation

    Our rigorous financial analysis, valuations and modeling enable our clients to make financially sound decisions.

  • Negotiations & Documentation

    Independent and objective approach to transaction negotiations to achieve the best outcome for our clients

  • Operational & Financial Due Diligence

    Support for companies seeking to conduct financial and operational due diligence on acquisition targets or potential joint venture opportunities

  • Corporate Governance

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Case Studies

Fund raising for an early stage medtech company

Fund raising for an early stage medtech company

Background: Tractus was engaged on a retainer plus success fee model by Mardil Medical Inc., a Minnestoa-based, venture-backed medical device company that has developed an innovative therapy for the treatment of functional mitral valve regurgitation...
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