Maine – A hub for the innovation, development, and application of advanced materials

Portland, August 17, 2017 – Home to the world’s longest composites bridge, Maine manufactures composites and hybrid-composites for projects across North America, such as the first hybrid-composites railway bridge manufactured by Maine’s Harbor Technologies and installed at the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, Colorado. Maine’s leading composites manufacturers and top research & testing centers excel in transportation, infrastructure, marine technologies & boat building, ballistics & insulation materials, and renewable energy.

Why choose Maine for advanced materials and composites?

Location, cost of doing business, and expert industry support make Maine the superior choice for advanced materials R&D and manufacturing. Located in the Northeastern United States, Maine is within 8 hours of 18% of the US population, including cities such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. By water and air, Maine has easy access to both Canada and European markets for export. Compared to its neighboring states, Maine has the lowest business costs in the Northeast, with up to 10% savings in labor alone. Business incentives such as the Pine Tree Zone program which offers 100% corporate income tax credit for the first five years of operations show that local government supports new and growing enterprises in this business friendly environment. World class education and research facilities support the industry by producing talent and funding research with a high ratio of patents and a close relationship with advanced materials manufacturers:

The University of Maine Composites Center

  • 100,000 sq. ft. ISO17025-accredited lab
  • Served over 300 industry and government clients
  • $110 million in research funding and industrial contracts
  • Awarded 26 patents and published 447 papers
  • Received 39 national and international excellence awards

The Composites Engineering Research Lab (CERL)

  • Most advanced polymer characteristics lab in the Northeast
  • Analytical and Testing Equipment
  • Works with over forty regional companies
  • A division of the Maine Composites Alliance

The Process Development Center

  • Raw forest and agricultural material testing and analysis
  • Bioplastics, nanomaterials, solid and liquid biofuels processes
  • Cellulose nanofiber plant with a ton per day capacity

Opportunities in Maine for advanced materials and composites

Aerospace and Transportation

Maine has a long history in aerospace and is a manufacturing base for many industry leaders such as Lufthansa Technik, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, and the world’s largest supplier of Fire Blocking Layers (FBLs) for aircraft seating – TexTech Industries. TexTech Industries was established in 1904, making it one of the oldest operating textile mills in North America. These fire-blocking products are extensively used in trains and buses as well as mattresses, industrial blankets and personal protection. CarbonX is a line of non-flammable protective textiles for industrial safety across a wide range of sectors from oil and gas to motor sports.

Access to the Northeast, proximity to Europe, low manufacturing costs, and excellence in advanced materials are why international aerospace manufacturers continue to choose Maine.


Maine’s ship-building heritage spans four centuries and includes approximately 450 ship-building companies. Bath Iron Works has been building ships in Maine since 1890 and today is an industry leaders with a reputation for innovation. Maine’s luxury and small vessel construction sector is thriving with excellent brand such as Hodgdon Yachts. Kenway Corporation and other maritime infrastructure solutions companies offer state-of-the-art structural manufacturing.


Maine offers considerable potential in wind energy as well as oil and gas due to its strategic location and native topography. Diverse market opportunities in high pressure composite tanks and vessels, composite piping systems, blast-resistant structures, composite foams, insulation, and buoyancy technology make Maine an exciting location for the R&D and manufacturing of new energy suppliers.

Brunswick Landing: Maine’s Center for Innovation

Brunswick Landing is a Foreign Trade Zone that encompasses over 3,200 acres and close to 200,000 m2 of commercial and industrial space, including the world class aviation complex Brunswick Executive Airport – BXM. Brunswick Landing is optimized for composites and advanced materials, light manufacturing, aviation/aerospace, biotech/biomed, information technology, and renewable energy. Brunswick Landing’s tech accelerator and manufacturing business incubator, TechPlace, has shared workspace, small offices and manufacturing space for start-ups and early-stage companies to hit the ground running. Whether you are just setting up shop or need space to expand, Brunswick Landing can meet the needs of small, medium, or large size manufacturing needs.

Learn more about Maine!

The Maine International Trade Center (MITC) will attend CAMX in Orlando, Florida on September 12-14. Please visit us at booth T83 to learn more about opportunities and resources for advanced materials manufacturing and other leading Maine industries.

Find out about Maine’s investment opportunities from The Maine International Trade Center (MITC). MITC has developed a new project book designed for Chinese investment attraction which is available to the public. To learn more please contact Invest in Maine representative Maria McIntyre or Invest in Maine China representative Maggie Chin, or visit their website.