The Team Behind Tractus


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Dennis J. Meseroll

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Dennis Meseroll is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of Tractus Asia Limited a foreign…
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John Evans

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Evans is the founding partner and Managing Director of Tractus Asia. He splits…
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Mingkwan Chaiyapong

Financial Director

Mingkwan is one of the founders of Tractus and currently serves as the firm’s…


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Antonio Sequeros

Vietnam Country Manager

Mr. Sequeros began working with Tractus in 2002 and set-up the firm’s Vietnam office…
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Herminio Andres

General Manager - China

Mr. Andres joined Tractus in 2005 as the Manager of the Business Incubator practice.
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Michael Davies

Senior Project Manager

Michael is one of Tractus’ Strategy and Implementation practice’s most senior managers. 
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Richard Smith

Head of Corporate Finance

Mr. Smith brings more than 25 years of corporate finance experience to Tractus. He…
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Jim Yarbrough

General Manager

Jim serves as Tractus’ General Manager for Thailand, where he overseas management of the…
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Lucy Dai

Consulting Manager

Lucy is Tractus’ lead manager for the firm’s public-sector engagements in China. 
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Arunrat Chumroentaweesup

Senior Consultant Manager

Arunrat is Tractus’ lead consulting manager out of the firm’s Thailand office and has…
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Nalin Patel

India Country Manager

As Tractus’ lead manager for India, Nalin has led engagements from the firm’s office…
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Joshua Brown

Singapore Country Manager

Joshua is Tractus’ lead manager for the company’s Singapore office and was Tractus’ first…
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Daniel Bellefleur

Indonesia Country Manager

Daniel is Tractus’ lead manager of the firm’s Indonesia office where he has represented…
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Gao Yong

S & I Manager

Gao is one of Tractus’ most senior Strategy and Implementation practice consulting managers.
Martin Jancik

Myanmar Country Manager

Mr. Jancik joined Tractus in 2011 and has worked across the firm’s consulting, economic…