Myanmar’s tier 2 industrial zones

Joshua Brown

Myanmar’s economic reform process has opened it to the world and in 2012, the…
Costs of doing business in Myanmar

Joshua Brown

Rising costs in Myanmar have been a frequent topic of conversations of late, in…
Indonesia export ban

Daniel Bellefleur

While Indonesia continues to be a weighty player in the global mining industry with…
India’s smart cities

Udai Panicker

According to India’s Ministry of Urban Development, urban regions are critical to the country’s…
The elephant re-awakens! A fresh start to India’s economic emergence

Udai Panicker

Modi and his team have identified the importance of having a robust manufacturing platform…
The engine for Thailand’s future growth

John Evans

Multiple factors are contributing to pull industrial investment outside of the traditional areas in…
Made in Myanmar

Dennis Meseroll & Joshua Brown

Little has changed in the "Top-10" location factors over this time period. Manufacturers have…
Cambodia: an unpolished gem

John Evans

Steady economic growth, new infrastructure and cooperation between the public and private sectors are…
Made in Indonesia?

Daniel Bellefleur

Currently, Deloitte ranks Indonesia as the 17th most competitive nation for manufacturing while it…
Mongolia rocks!

Alexander Czarnecki

As China shifts its focus from exports to domestic demand-led growth, Mongolia has an…
China's ace in the hole

Sylvain Demortier

Know as the city "where the East and West meet", Hong Kong remains one…
Clearing the fog for new foreign investors

Martin Jancik and Arunrat Chumroentaweesup

Local and international media have a tendency to sensationalize Thailand’s political crises and natural…

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