Through the lengthy process, Tractus demonstrated perseverance, flexibility, and nuanced skills to match the ongoing challenge. I can say without reservation that without their resources, the project would never have succeeded.
—John Beatttie, VP-Treasurer, Spectrum Brands, Inc.

As has become a nice trend, Tractus has become an increasingly valuable asset for us in our capital planning in Asia. We count on them to provide us detailed conceptual designs, budgets and presentations as we continue our rapid growth and expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region.
—Hugh Parker, Group Managing Director, AMCOL International

Strategy development and implementation consulting underlies all of Tractus’ process-oriented approach to solving clients’ problems and improving business processes. Tractus depth and breadth of corporate strategy development and implementation in Asia provides clients with a robust and integrating service offering spanning early-stage market research, strategy development and feasibility analysis through to industrial site selection, corporate structuring, licensing and approval and the commercial ramp up of clients’ businesses.

Core Areas of Expertise

  • Market Research

    Deeply detailed primary and secondary market research for companies wanting to make serious, data-backed decisions

  • Site Selection

    Analytical, data and process-backed site selection services for companies seeking the optimal location for a planned investment

  • Corporate Structuring

    Strategy-backed advisory services for companies seeking to mitigate tax liabilities and minimize risk through varied corporate structure strategy

  • Strategy Development & Feasibility Studies

    Qualitative and quantitative data-based strategy development based on proven methods and comprehensive feasibility assessment for new projects

  • Government Approvals & Licensing

    Support services for government licensing and approvals including strategy development and implementation for fast-track approvals and regulatory exemptions

  • Regulatory Analysis

    Regulatory analysis services for companies seeking to better understand and operate in compliance with local statute while minimizing regulatory burden

  • Corporate Entity Establishment & Secretarial Services

    Legal entity establishment, corporate governance and administrative support for companies entering new markets

  • Supplier & Vendor Selection

    A process-oriented approach to screening the universe of local supplier, vendors, distribution and joint venture partners including commercial integrity and reputation due diligence for companies growing and developing their networks in new markets

  • HR & Recruiting Assistance

    Support for companies seeking understanding of unique labor markets in Asia, developing strong human resource management systems and seeking to recruit and retain top talent

Case Studies

Making the optimal industrial site selection in ASEAN

Making the optimal industrial site selection in ASEAN

Background: Tractus was engaged by an existing client manufacturing industrial fans and ventilation products to conduct a comparative analysis on optimal industrial site selection for a planned expansion. The client and their Singapore-based partner asked Tractus to...
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