Thailand Supply Chain Summit

Senior Consultant Martin Jancik

Senior Consultant
Martin Jancik

Tractus’s Senior Consultant, Martin Jancik, presented at the Thailand Supply Chain Summit in Bangkok on September 4, 2015. This summit drew upon the experience of leading companies to explore how a cross-functional supply chain management team can enhance company results in one of Southeast Asia’s key market. Experts and professionals from top companies shared their experiences and lessons learned from managing a global supply chain and Thailand’s role in the process. Martin presented on the quality and rankings of various logistics factors in Thailand in comparison to its neighbors, the changing landscape of logistics as demand for specialized services increases, and planned infrastructural improvements. Along with some desired regulatory changes to streamline import procedures, implementation of the eight-year infrastructure plan will play a major in maintaining Thailand’s competitiveness in the region as its neighbors compete for FDI in an increasingly more competitive global market.