Tractus Asia hosts “Outbound and Inbound Trends in Thailand” Conference

Bangkok, Thailand

On the 29th of March 2017, Tractus Asia and The Federation of Thai Industries (“FTI”) hosted the “Outbound and Inbound M&A Trends in Thailand” conference.  Mr. Dennis Meseroll, Executive Director of Tractus Asia, chaired the conference and delivered an informative opening address, setting the stage for the morning’s speakers. Mr. Panuwat Chalongkuamdee, Partner at Weerawong, Chinnavat & Peangpanor, led the first session to discuss how Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”) listed companies were using cross-border M&A to generate shareholder value, and shared some insights on legal issues that arose in the cross-border deals in which he has been involved. After a quick coffee break, Mr. Richard Smith, Head of Corporate Finance at Tractus Asia, delivered a dynamic session on how to position and prepare your business for a sale. Mr. Smith was joined by two panelists, Mr. Brenton Mauriello, CEO of dwp | design worldwide partnership, and Mr. Pongpat Tantivashinchai, Investment Director at Navis Capital Partners, who provided valuable insights on their experience with M&A transactions as both buyers and sellers of businesses.

The purpose of the conference was to highlight the trends in the Thailand’s Outbound and Inbound M&A landscape, provide insight on how a business should prepare for an M&A transaction, and address the opportunities and challenges of cross-border M&A, based on real-life case studies by professionals with experience navigating through the unpredictable M&A landscape.

As the Thai market matures, domestic firms are looking to the more developed markets in the US and EU, and their fast-growing neighbor countries of ASEAN for growth opportunities.  More companies are looking to cross-border M&A as the most convenient and expeditious way to establish a presence in new markets.   Additionally, in a divergence with past traditions, more mid-sized business owners are willing to sell their companies at reasonable valuations. Adequate financial control systems and corporate governance are starting to play a bigger role as these areas are often the pain points that hamper or kill deals.  Cross-border M&A is inherently a challenging exercise – events like this conference are a helpful resource to keep business owners informed and advance the Thai M&A environment.

M&A Photo I_R

Image 1: Opening Address by Mr. Dennis Meseroll, Executive Director of Tractus Asia.

  M&A Photo II_R

Image 2: SET Listed Company M&A Trends by Mr. Panuwat Chalongkuamdee, Partner at Weerawong, Chinnavat & Peangpanor

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Image 3: Panel Discussion. From left to right: Mr. Richard Smith, Head of Corporate Finance at Tractus Asia;
Mr. Pongpat Tantivashinchai, Investment Director at Navis Capital; and
Mr. Brenton Mauriello, CEO at dwp | design worldwide partnership.

About The Federation of Thai Industries

The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is a private sector organization that brings together industrial leaders to promote Thailand’s socio-economic development. The main objectives of FTI are to represent Thai manufacturers at both national and international levels, to help promote and develop industrial enterprises, to work with the government in setting up national policies, and to offer consulting services to members.

About Tractus Asia Limited

Tractus Asia Ltd. is a leading Asia-based foreign direct investment advisory firm focused on assisting companies, investment and trade promotion agencies and multi-lateral organizations develop and execute their Asia trade, investment, and growth strategies. We work to develop the most cost-effective approaches for our clients to establish operations, make acquisitions, expand, or diversify their manufacturing and service industry investments throughout Asia.