Tractus Hires James Meisenheimer as Myanmar Country Manager

Tractus Hires James Meisenheimer as Myanmar Country Manager 

Highly Experienced Public Affairs Professional with Extensive Myanmar Knowledge Selected to Lead Tractus Asia’s Office in Myanmar 

 James Meisenheimer

YANGON – Tractus Asia, a strategy and market entry consulting leader in Asia, today announced that it has appointed Mr. James Meisenheimer as its new Country Manager for Myanmar.  

Based in Yangon, Mr. Meisenheimer will be responsible for managing customer and partner relationships with companies seeking opportunities in South East Asia’s newest market. Mr. Meisenheimer will be responsible for managing the Tractus Myanmar Office that was established in 2013 and continue its success in the company’s strategy & execution, Business Inc.ubator™, corporate finance, and economic development practice areas. He will also focus on pursuing projects from multi-laterals agencies that are focusing on developing Myanmar’s institutions for future investment attraction.  

Mr. Meisenheimer has over four years of experience working in Myanmar in the public sector. His previous job with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), an international non-governmental organization, played a major role supporting Myanmar’s historic 2015 elections by implementing reform programs that would make the elections credible and transparent. In his previous job, Mr. Meisenheimer developed considerable experience supporting institutional reform and capacity building programs with Myanmar government ministries, and conducting political analysis of the elections including its impact on economic growth and investment attractiveness. His skills working with government officials and conducting analysis of Myanmar’s political economy will be a benefit to Tractus as the office continues to grow and seeks new opportunities in the public sector and provide valuable insights to Tractus’ corporate clients already invested in the country or considering market entry.  

Prior to joining IFES in Myanmar, Mr. Meisenheimer worked as a Systems Analysist with Spectrum Associates, an aeronautical engineering company based in Connecticut, where he oversaw the implementation of an enterprise resource management (ERM) software. This position required him to develop a deep familiarity with departmental procedures, workflows, and capacity constraints across four departments in the 100 employee company in order to tailor the ERM software to the needs of employees and managers. The software and procedures set up by Mr. Meisenheimer continue to support growth and efficiency in the company today.  

Myanmar presents the newest market opportunity for investors in South East Asia. The sectors of manufacturing, agri-business, construction, and infrastructure development have seen steady growth since 2011 and continue to offer opportunities for future investments. Investors will seek to understand the complex political and economic dynamics that are developing in Myanmar to inform strategies and opportunities for market entry. The Tractus Myanmar Office, under the leadership of Mr. Meisenheimer, will continue to provide contextual guidance for clients to make the best decisions on their investments.  

“Myanmar experienced a great deal of interest from investors in early 2013 that has decreased in the period after the 2015 elections as companies wait to see how the new government will develop its investment attraction programs. With a new Foreign Investment Law and other laws in the pipeline we think Myanmar will again be an opportunity for companies to seek investment opportunities, particularly in manufacturing and infrastructure development,” said John Evans, Managing Director at Tractus. “We will help clients to understand the Myanmar market in order to pursue their growth objectives. Tractus offers new market entrants or established companies the ability to craft a focused strategy and implementation plan to avoid these obstacles and optimize on Asia’s continued economic growth” added Mr. Evans. 

“We’re excited to be bringing James on board with Tractus in Myanmar. His previous work experience supporting complex reform programs and research in Myanmar will provide Tractus with a Country Manager that has extensive knowledge of Myanmar. James’ previous work supporting assistance to the Myanmar government in the 2015 elections will also serve as an asset as Tractus pursues projects with multilateral and donor agencies to work with government ministries and promote stronger institutions and administration for investment attraction,” said Dennis Meseroll, Executive Director at Tractus. “James’ understanding of the country’s political and economic dynamics will prove to be a valuable asset for our corporate clients seeing to understand the impact of political reforms on Myanmar’s investment attractiveness”, added Mr. Meseroll. 

“Over the past four years I have seen a great deal of change in Myanmar’s politics, society and economy and I am extremely excited to continue to engage in Myanmar’s development with Tractus. Myanmar is a country that requires a great deal of on the ground intelligence to identify and execute the best possible strategy. I look forward to working with the Myanmar team to conduct research and identify the best possible approach for clients that are seeking entry into Myanmar’s opportunities”, noted James Meisenheimer. 

James has a Masters of Public Administration from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, where he focused on political development in Asia. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts from Providence College. 

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