Yangon industrial zone and infrastructure map


Manufacturing and industrial zone site location decisions are irrevocable. The right location decision can have a profound effect on a firm’s success at meeting its strategic, operational and financial objectives. The wrong decision can put it at a competitive disadvantage and, at worst, out of business in a particular market. Determining the optimal industrial zone or site to establish a manufacturing operation can be a daunting task; particularly in developing economies that notoriously lack accurate and reliable information on investment and operating costs and conditions. Nowhere is this more true than in Myanmar, widely considered as Asia’s final frontier economy and today’s rock star investment destination.

Yangon Industrial Zones and Infrastructure Map

Source: Tractus Research and Analysis

As one of the earliest business advisory firms to enter the Myanmar market following the suspension of US sanctions on Myanmar in 2012, Tractus has been at the forefront of understanding, analyzing and helping investors make informed about where and how to invest in Myanmar. Backed by more than 20 years of experience leading foreign direct investment decisions across Asia’s industrial zones, Tractus has advised investors in Myanmar on investment decisions in porcelain, garment, automotive part, pharmaceutical, animal feed, construction material manufacturing, mining and industrial mineral processing. Tractus has helped those companies and many more trading into and developing growth strategies in the country.

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