Community Engagement through Education

We feel the best investment we can make in the economies in which we live and work is an investment in students and their education.

We are deeply committed to doing our part to improve educational opportunities for students in the countries we operate and we acknowledge that our success is based on these emerging markets with beautiful cultures and communities.

This is one of our core values and an integral part of our annual company activities.

Each year, all Tractus employees work together in their country teams to identify a school or non-profit in their community that is in dire need of supplies, whether it be computers, books, clothing, or backpacks for the kids.

Our staff works directly with school administrators to identify the most pressing needs of the students. To provide the most direct benefit, Tractus purchases what is needed as an in-kind donation to ensure 100% of the donation is received by the students.

Each country’s team takes a trip to the school or organization to spend time with the kids, donate the supplies, help improve the facilities and have a fun day interacting with the students and school administrators.

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