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Enter every transaction with the end in mind

Whether you’re looking to enter or grow into a particular market or make a strategic exit, Tractus’ corporate finance consulting services can help. We provide support for fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, pre-IPO preparation and planning, corporate governance, and liability restructuring, among other offerings.

Our goal is to bridge the gaps in understanding to guide multinational investors and corporate sellers of all sizes in achieving their investment and corporate goals. We serve as an advocate for our clients, focused first and foremost on meeting their unique operational, financial, and personal objectives. Through our comprehensive approach to understanding clients’ priorities, and extensive experience in navigating strategic investments, we can tailor the most effective, low-risk solution for your specific needs.

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John Evans
Co-Founder and Managing Director
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Dennis J. Meseroll
Co-Founder and Executive Director

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Key Services

Corporate M&A/deal structuring

Equity and asset dispositions

Exit planning

Target/partner identification

Private placements

Fund raising

Financial modeling, analysis, planning and valuation

Negotiations and documentation

Operational and financial due diligence

Corporate governance

Maximizing your interests and investment through corporate finance services

Companies navigating the hurdles of entering or expanding into a specific market find our rigorous financial analysis, valuations and modeling and financial and operational due diligence processes give them confidence in their financial decision-making. Our team’s diversity of experience helps us prepare clients to approach cross-border transactions with an eye to the other side’s expectations around valuation, business culture, and cultural dynamics, ensuring a seamless transition that maximizes our clients’ objectives.

Tractus’ corporate finance consulting also guides companies on the best approach for raising growth capital, disposing of non-strategic assets, managing shareholder exits, or identifying strategic buyers. Our goal is to help clients determine the best path toward achieving their objectives, whether that’s a strong sale price or identifying an investor who is as determined to care for your employees, brand, and corporate vision as you.

Corporate finance consulting firms have a responsibility towards their clients that goes beyond knowledge and understanding of the capital markets. Our corporate finance consultants are experts in the field with years of experience and expertise specially designed to help you get ahead. We can help you improve your corporate finance ranking through expert financial consulting. Let Tractus review your capital allocation, strategic alternatives, management teams, and business plans to help you optimize your shareholder value and realtime ranking. Our advisory services also provide for niche consultancies through our extensive database of corporate financial consultants.

There are several steps that we take to stand out from other corporate finance consulting firms in capital markets. Each financial consultant begins their contract with the end product in mind. Our corporate finance services are tailor-made to suit your individual corporate finance needs.

By beginning every contract with the end in mind, we ensure all parties move to the deal that achieves your unique objectives.

“Tractus provided the resources enabling our organization to quickly deploy into the Chinese market. We are very pleased with the approach they have taken through the customization of their services to meet our needs.”

Joe Fleischhacker | CEO of Lake Region Managment

We help you reduce risk, connect with operational resources,
and achieve your foreign investment goals.