Tractus Indonesia

Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest country with over 250 million people and the largest, fastest growing market led by a consumer driven economy powered by an emerging middle class

Based on the archipelago’s favorable demographics, abundance of natural resources and wide ranging market opportunities in manufacturing, services and natural resources, foreign investors and businesses are prioritizing it as a key business and investment destination in ASEAN. As a result it receives a disproportionate share of FDI. The second term government of Joko Widodo is further focused on improving the overall business environment to make it an even more attractive place to invest and do business.

Since 2012, Tractus has a proven track record of assisting and advising companies make informed decisions about how to benefit from the market opportunities Indonesia presents and where to locate their investments in its vast archipelago. Tractus’ Indonesia team provides our clients with local expertise and is an active part of our experienced ASEAN regional team that consults on economic development and help our business Inc.ubator clients achieve success in Indonesia as well as regionally.

Strategy & Execution

Tractus Indonesia works with clients to conduct market research and opportunity assessments to build a solid business case, identify and target customers and/or distributors to trade in-country, find suppliers of raw materials or intermediate products to fill a supply chain, and identify sites for optimal investment locations across the archipelago.

We have undertaken market opportunity assessments to understand the market for recycled cooking oils, evaluated opportunities for expanded pearlite and mining and mineral processing equipment design and engineering services. Our site selection engagements focused in Indonesia have ranged from labor intensive manufacturing for golf shoe assembly and garment cut and sew facilities, to automotive components, electrical control systems and shared service centers for a variety of global multinationals.

Indonesian regulations are notoriously challenging, even as the government seeks to streamline the regulatory framework. A challenge many companies have in assessing Indonesia is identifying a low-cost and low-risk entry to the market. As in our other offices, we offer the Tractus Business Inc.ubator® in our Jakarta Office providing our physical office space as well as management oversight, sales outsourcing, and HR and administrative services to client that want to assess potential without establishing a legal entity.

Economic Development

Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) recognize the potential to increase ties across the largest and fastest growing market in ASEAN. Tractus has worked with our EDO clients to assess the opportunities for specific products, commodities, and services in the country as well as conduct trade missions and coordinate trade show representation at Indonesian focused events.