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Turnkey strategy development and execution support

Tractus supports companies in making informed decisions about where to locate and how to structure their investments to succeed. Our expertise in strategy development and its execution underlies all of our services and guides our integrated approach to achieving clients’ objectives. Clients gain experienced insight from early market research and feasibility analysis that informs the development of an investment strategy. When it comes time to execute that strategy, we undertake site selection, acquire real estate, apply for investment approvals and business incorporation through to project management of the construction of facilities, and the start of operations.

Our senior management draws on a diversity of experience, including backgrounds in manufacturing and service operations, multinational perspectives, and local knowledge steeped in the countries in which we work. Drawing upon our decades of experience in guiding a diverse range of owner-operated businesses to global corporations, we can develop the right strategy for your successful entry or expansion into a market.

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John Evans
Co-Founder and Managing Director
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Dennis J. Meseroll
Co-Founder and Executive Director

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Key Services

Market opportunity assessments

Business case development

Distributor and supplier selection

Location/Site selection

Real Estate transactions

Incentives negotiations

Government approvals

Start-up management

Project management office (PMO)

Construction project management and client representation

A strategic approach to opportunity

Through detailed market research, we help organizations assess market opportunities and create a data-based investment strategy. Whether it’s determining the right country to target for market entry, building a business case for your product or service, or identifying a local distributorship, Greenfield site or M&A target, we can help assess your course of action and connect you to the resources to carry it out.

For companies ready to take the next step in an operational launch, we often act as our client’s project management office (PMO) as their investments are brought to operation. The PMO role is more than just construction oversight; we take a holistic approach to client’s investments program management. In this PMO role, we coordinate and manage the disparate client and third-party stakeholders involved in a start-up investment.

Tractus’ PMO role helps companies identify the best possible site, acquire real estate, investment incentives and government approvals, establish a legal entity, identify and vet vendors and suppliers, and provide corporate governance, HR, administrative support and construction project management. Our experts have real-world experience in driving plant startups, and rely on proven practices to help companies rapidly ramp up operations.

At every step of the process, Tractus is your guide to navigating the nuances of local and international markets.

“Tractus acts as a true strategic partner, performing all necessary due-diligence exercises in an excellent structural approach, enabling the client to make business decisions that will most benefit their organization.”

Renáta Schuckert , ETO Project Manager of Albemarle.

We help you reduce risk, connect with operational resources,
and achieve your foreign investment goals.