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Business Inc.ubator® – Your guide to successful market entry into Asia

Tractus Asia’s market entry consulting services (Business Inc.ubator®) connect organizations with the resources needed to quickly and cost-effectively enter Asian markets. This low-risk strategy is an ideal way to assess opportunity and get to know the market with the strength and resources of a local expert behind you.

With Tractus, organizations can more easily navigate the common hurdles that stall successful operations in emerging markets. Whether you need to secure top talent for sales representation, locate suitable warehouse or office space, or gauge the viability of a full operational launch into Asia, we’re your guide to success in Asia.

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John Evans
Co-Founder and Managing Director
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Dennis J. Meseroll
Co-Founder and Executive Director

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Key Services

Market research and opportunities identification

Strategy development

Feasibility studies

Office space, accounting, HR, administration

Manufacturing and/or warehouse operations

Recruiting assistance

Sales and sourcing representation

Channel management

Manufacturing start-ups

Operational management

A cost-effective market entry contract that works for you

Our market entry consulting services (Business Inc.ubator®) begin with detailed market research to help companies target the right approach for their market entry into Asia. Tractus Asia then helps clients secure distributorship, technical support or sales representation in key markets across Asia, all without having to register a new company in each new locale or rely on established international companies. We also ensure that out of sight is never out of mind. Our senior management provides oversight of your representative’s day-to-day business activities so that this Asia-based extension of your home staff remains a top-performing priority.

Service fees are calculated on a cost-plus model that minimizes client costs. Clients use our market entry consulting services (Business Inc.ubator®) for as long as it benefits them, whether that be a six-month contract that prefaces a multi-million-dollar Asia launch or decades-long management support. Our goal is to support you in meeting your objectives. We gauge our success on the realization of your business goals.

Our market entry consultants can help you breach a new market, conduct and interpret market research about your target market, and even adapt business models to suit local culture in a competitive landscape. Tractus also provides assistance with financial projections and competitor analysis across the Asia Pacific region.

“Tractus provided the resources enabling our organization to quickly deploy into the Chinese market. We are very pleased with the approach they have taken through the customization of their services to meet our needs.”

Joe Fleischhacker | CEO of Lake Region Managment

We help you reduce risk, connect with operational resources,
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