Tractus in USA

Tractus opened a US representative office in 2017 near Los Angeles, California

Though now living for many decades in Asia, both co-founders, John Evans and Dennis Meseroll, are US citizens originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Princeton, New Jersey respectively. As a significant share of Tractus’ clients are located in the United States and North America, it became ever more apparent that to effectively service them, a North American presence was needed. They chose the U.S. West Coast to both serve as bridge between time zones in Asia and North America – and to be more accessible to our clients during their normal business hours.

Having a US presence has been essential in continuing to drive Tractus’ growth in its three core business practices – Economic Development, Strategy & Execution, and Corporate Finance. While global businesses have become increasing more efficient though technological advancements, the ability to effectively communicate important project updates and respond to rapidly changing market dynamics is essential. Tractus is open and available to meet our clients’ needs across continents, countries and time zones.