Export Opportunities for Maine Companies in China and ASEAN

January 27, 2021

Is China open for business? How will the recently signed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) impact Maine exporters? Which of the 10 countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will most likely see strong economic recoveries in 2021?

As in past recessions, looking to international markets for growth opportunities in regions of the world that are in different stages of economic recovery will be a key part of the solution for Maine businesses in 2021 and beyond. Join Tractus Co-Founder and Managing Director John Evans and Chief USA Representative Manager Michael Hirou to learn how your company can best capitalize on V-shaped economic recoveries, domestic demand, and supply chain realignment occurring in China and ASEAN markets. This webinar is hosted by the Maine International Trade Center.

Topics covered include:

  • China and ASEAN post-COVID economic recovery
  • US/China bilateral trade going forward
  • Predicted growth of Southeast Asia’s internet economy
  • Specific sectors with export opportunities

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