Recommended by a key customer as a cost-effective, low-risk way of entering the China market, Fort Wayne Metals utilized Tractus’ Business Inc.ubator® to accelerate its market entry.

  • Fort Wayne Metals was formed in 1961 in Fort Wayne, Indiana as a manufacturer of medical-grade wire. It continues to be a global innovation leader in the development of fine-grade medical wires, with special expertise in stainless steel, titanium alloys and Nitinol, but has expanded into other innovative formed metal products demanded by the medical device and precision components manufacturing industries.
  • Fort Wayne Metals products include: stranded wire and cable, helical hollow stranded tube (HHS™), straight linear torque wire, drawn filled tubing (DFT), drawn brazed strand (DBS), custom alloys, mechanical assembly and centerless ground bar used in numerous medical devices, medical equipment and other high precision applications.
  • Fort Wayne Metals is a key supplier to Lake Region Medical, one of the world’s premier medical guide wire manufacturers. Lake Region Medical was so pleased with the results of using Tractus’ Business Inc.ubator® to accelerate its China market entry that it recommended Fort Wayne Metals use the service to facilitate its own planned entry into the China market.

The Project

Utilizing Tractus’ Business Inc.ubator® afforded Fort Wayne Metals with an on-the-ground presence and dedicated staff without having to establish its own China legal entity.

  • Since 2007, Tractus has provided a wide range of market entry services through our innovative Business Inc.ubator® service, allowing Fort Wayne Metals to have an on-the-ground China business presence without having to establish its own China legal entity, including:
    • market entry strategy assistance;
    • recruiting and hiring of dedicated staff;
    • a legal entity through which Fort Wayne Metals employed a dedicated Senior Business Development Manager (China), with responsibilities for China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore (Pacific Rim) and a Regional Sales Representative (China)
    • office space;
    • back-office support (bookkeeping, cashier, administration and payroll);
    • technical assistance during seminars and conventions, and;
    • senior management oversight in China.
  • Over the years we have provided advice, assistance, and oversight of Fort Wayne Metals’ business development activities to market and sell into China’s medical device industry, for products in the following medical device segments:
    • orthopedics
    • dental implants
    • needles
    • vascular therapy medical devices
    • CRM and neurology medical devices
    • endoscopy medical devices
    • other medical devices and special delivery systems (forceps, stents and other medical wires)
  • Advice and assistance with logistics and supply chain optimization.

The Solution

  • Utilizing Tractus’ business Inc.ubator® has resulted in an over 52% annual compound growth (CAGR) in sales over the last 10 years and a market-leading position supplying precision grade medical wire and specialized metal products to China’s developing medical device manufacturing sector.

The distribution and manufacturing of medical devices is an extremely precise and difficult industry. Businesses and companies in this field often require attorneys to initiate regulatory compliance. This is especially true for manufacturing and distribution services wanting to explore new overseas markets. Tractus is your one-stop shop for ensuring a smooth experience for companies. Quality service is provided every time and is geared towards your individual requirements.