Coronavirus: from helping firms exit China to sourcing Chinese medical supplies for US states, here’s what I learned

In the South China Morning Post, Tractus Managing Director John Evans highlighted how the U.S. can learn from China’s quick economic recovery from COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic on Tractus clients.

“[We] certainly can and should learn from how China adapted to [COVID-19]. We need to…accept the fact that our initial disinterest in a crisis we thought was an Asian issue has come home to haunt us.

“The debate in the US is not whether the economy will go into recession, but when, and whether a depression is on the horizon. Many of our American and European clients are now cancelling or postponing their Asian projects as they deal with crisis management at home.

“But the US and its companies should be careful not to sever links with China completely – a true global recovery will need collaboration.

“[Only] a constructive dialogue to reduce tariffs, monitor China’s commitments to structural reform, and increase trade between our two nations post COVID-19 would benefit recovery in both countries and the rest of the world.”

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