Opportunities in a World of Uncertainties

“The past few months have proven that when China is in need, Iowa delivers. In the wake of the U.S.-China Phase 1 Trade Deal and amidst COVID-19, Iowa has served as a bountiful supplier to meet China’s huge demand for ag and food products.” Continue reading from Tractus (Iowa Economic Development Authority’s representative in China)… Read More

Will Modi’s Moves Lead to the ‘Next China’?

“COVID-19 taught global manufacturing companies the dangers of depending on any single country for their operations. Multinationals are reviewing their global footprints and diversifying away from China. Is India the first step?” wrote Tractus India Senior Consultant Sreehari Marar and Tractus USA Research Analyst Apoorva Handigol for Site Selection Magazine. “India is positioning itself for… Read More

Indonesia Pushes Through Contentious Investment Overhaul

With Indonesia’s Omnibus law comes a push to raise the country’s Ease of Doing Business Rankings while attracting US business leaving China. With this transition comes the centralization of decision-making power in Jarkata. “Historically those decisions have been made at a provincial level where there is a lot more room for local negotiations and discretion,… Read More

When will the M&A Market Recover and Can your Firm Benefit?

“When economies are in a down-turn, deals tend to freeze-up as there is poor visibility on future performance as well as gaps on valuation expectations between buyers and sellers,” wrote Tractus Head of Corporate Finance Richard Smith and Research Analyst Paulo Guedes for CanCham’s Thailand’s magazine Voyageur. “Many companies are looking to build scale and… Read More

From Tokyo to Sydney, Cities Vie to Replace Hong Kong as Asia Hub

“What you need to do from a site selection perspective is look at those factors, both critical and important, that drive the success of a business.” Tractus Managing Director John Evans discussed such important factors as cost of operations, connectivity to other places, rule of law, risk, incentives, and more for The Wall Street Journal…. Read More

A Two-Month Race: Supplying the Frontlines of a Pandemic

“For Wang, the period between March and May felt like a non-stop race. ‘Time is life,’ she says. ‘I wanted to help more people as much as I can.’ Wang found herself working 20 hours a day – from 7 a.m. until 3 a.m. the next morning – assessing Chinese vendors of ventilators, masks, thermometers,… Read More

Black Swans: The Evolution of Site Selection

“Gone are the days when unique world-scale plants would be considered sufficient to supply global demand. While there are scale effects to putting all manufacturing eggs in one basket (plant or country), these benefits will be discounted more heavily against the risks of manufacturing concentration.” Continue reading Tractus Executive Director Dennis J. Meseroll’s article for… Read More

Blacklisting of Chinese Firms Rattles American Supply Chains

“Many of the corporates added to the list [of Chinese firms linked to Uighur human rights abuses] are suppliers and contractors providing garments and basic goods, and they can be replaced by other manufacturers elsewhere in Asia,” said Tractus Executive Director Dennis J. Meseroll for The Wall Street Journal article “Blacklisting of Chinese Firms Rattles… Read More

In The Midst Of Chaos, There Is Also Opportunity

Tractus Managing Director John Evans and Research Analyst Paulo Guedes wrote about opportunities for Canadian companies in ASEAN in the midst of COVID-19 for the Voyageur, the official tri-monthly Business Magazine of the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “In order to capitalize on the ASEAN opportunity post-pandemic, Canadian firms must recognize that the days of large-scale… Read More

Where Should Fashion Brands Manufacture Now?

“You are going to continue to see a decoupling, politically, it’s clear that [the US and China] would each like to have less reliance on the other,” said Tractus Managing Director John Evans in The Business of Fashion article “Where Should Fashion Brands Manufacture Now?” “I think you will continue to see companies looking at… Read More